Hello from Tony and Lorna, we are a Christian couple from Brisbane, Australia.
We hope you enjoy our books and videos.

Lorna’s parents came to Australia from Yugoslavia after World War Two.
They settled in Sydney and had 3 daughters and a son.
Her mother died when Lorna was 4 years old.
Her father could not cope.
Then he just disappeared..!!
After that Lorna never saw him again.
She grew up without parents and eventually was separated from her brother and sisters.
She was about 20 years old when she cried out to God in her loneliness.
She was looking out of the window of her unit at the time she uttered a heartfelt prayer.

“God if you are real, please help?”

She had a vision of the clouds opening up, she saw a giant hand come down and touch her.
She was instantly changed and felt the loneliness leave her and the love of God come into her.
Since that time she treats God as her real father not just her heavenly father.
She thinks of the church family as her real family.


Prayer for Salvation.
Dear Father God I come home to you.
I want to experience your love.
I believe that Jesus Christ is your Son.
I believe He died on the cross for me.
I ask you to forgive my sins,
I open my heart to your gift of salvation.
I welcome Jesus into my heart.
I now believe I am saved. 

God Bless from Tony and Lorna.
Brisbane, Australia.

Today could be your special day when everything changes for the better.
If you have been blessed or inspired.
Please let us know.

Hello from Tony and Lorna.
We are Christians from Brisbane, Australia.
Please enjoy our free books.



Here is a PDF download of our free book called A Gift of Healing.

A GIFT OF HEALING written by Tony Egar

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Your Believing Switch


Millionaire In A Month pdf file

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Book About Relationships


PRAYER OF JABEZ. ! Chronicles 4:10
“Oh, that you would bless me..
So that I will be FREE from PAIN.” 
And God granted his request.

Hello from Tony and Lorna, We are from Brisbane, Australia.
We are Christians and encourage you to believe God for your physical and emotional healing.
And your financial restoration.
Also for healing in your relationships.

Step 1
Now watch this prayer video with faith in your heart.
Expect something to happen as you hear these words.

Step 2
Start praising God that a gift of healing just dropped into you.
Activate your faith by praise.
The gift is real.

Step 3
Believe you have received your healing as a seed.
Read this book, you can download it for free.
It is our gift to you.
Here is the file.
A-Gift-of-Healing.pdf download 

Step 4
Decide to do something differently today.
You should ask God for an idea from heaven.
If the normal ideas are not working.

Step 5
Continue in thanksgiving.
This means that we are on the watch for signs of growth.
“First the blade, then the ear…,”
And we are thankful to God for the growth as it takes place.

Hello from Tony and Lorna, We are a semi-retired couple from Brisbane, Australia.
We are Christians and hope you enjoy our books and videos..


If you accept the challenge I believe that every area of your life will have improved in twelve months’ time.
My wife and I have both done this challenge… and it works.

Keys for Faith.
Do you want to go to a new level of faith?
Join us for our latest faith adventure.
Read these four books out loud every day for 12 months.
This will take you about 1 hour and 15 minutes per day.

Let everyone know about your faith journey by commenting in the comments section below.
Let us know who you are and tell us a little of your story.
Join in this adventure for the next year and change your faith level.
In 12 months you will be a different person.
You will become a person of great faith.


In 2011 I decided to do an experiment.
For 3 years from… February 2011 until January 2014.
I read the New Testament out loud every week.
It took me about 3.5 hours per day.
The reason I did this is…I wanted to learn how to grow my faith.

2 Corinthians 4:13 links faith and speaking together.

“Since we have that same spirit of faith,
we also believe and therefore speak.”

Everything in my life started to change for the better.

I had found the answer….reading the Bible out loud does build up your faith.
I did complete my three years and wrote a book about my experience.

How to be rich in faith

The hard cover book is called “How to be Rich in Faith”.
Here is the e-book link at AMAZON

About a year after my experiment I got motivated again.
But I decided to do things a little differently.
I didn’t read the whole New Testament every week which took about 3.5 hours per day.
Instead I chose my favourite four books.
Which took about 1.15 hours a day.
This was easier and faster.
With a quicker result in building my faith.
Here is a list of the books that I chose from the New Testament [Bible].


I started to read them out loud every day.
And my faith started to grow again.
I know people who… try to exercise… or go on a diet… or try to save money.
They start out well and then they get bored and stop believing.

So here is the key that I found.
Read the Bible out loud every day.
And guess what?
You will stay motivated.
You will feel fresh instead of stale.
It is such a simple answer…but it works..!!
Now my faith is growing again and I know that it will continue to grow.
Keep reading the word out loud.
In a few months you will be able to feel the faith inside of you.

Commit to the challenge and let us know.
You will be able to write in the comments and encourage other Christians in their faith journey.
Welcome onto the team.
God bless from Tony and Lorna.
Brisbane, Australia.

Results of my experiment.

One of the interesting results was a strong improvement in my health that was measurable.
The second result was a burst of creativity that continues to this day.
The third result was a financial harvest.
The fourth result was becoming a better husband and father.
My wife and children will testify to that.
The fifth result was the most important one.
My faith grew and continues to grow.
The sixth result was exciting.
I discovered hidden gifts that surprised me.
The good news is…the harvest of faith from sowing all that Word is still getting stronger.

8 thoughts on “HOME

  1. Hi I have read your Believing Switch book.
    My husband and I from NZ and now living in papa new guinea due to my husband work.
    All our savings have been put into this company as the directors don’t have the finances to cover the costs. We are now facing huge debt back home and we are reaching the time of the month were we need to pay our rent here.
    We have rented out our place back home to help a family out but it doesn’t cover half of what it needs to we are carrying them as well 2 households to pay for
    This company has been sold but the investors are waiting on their funds to be released so we are in a valley.
    I am praying and believing in our lord almighty…trying to support my husband emotionally as I am not allowed to work.
    Reading your book inspired me a lot I finished it last night. After 2 days of reading it.
    Some prayers for breakthroughs would be amazing and some words of inspiration wouldn’t go amiss either.
    I pray that the 2 of you have many blessings love a kindness to the both of you
    Love Tracey

  2. I have read your book and enjoyed it I have also started to pray using the Lord’s prayer as the basis of my prayers thankful for a truly inspiring book yours faithfully Claire

  3. Thank you for motivational words that ,gives us young generation an inspiration to uplift of dreams and to grow emotional , physical and spiritual .
    Your motivation guide gives me strength to find my purpose of life,we love to hear more from you and God bless you.

    1. Thank you so much Tony I’m blessed by reading three of your books my faith is growing strong and I have a zeal to seek God ,you solved my problem when you said I don’t have to understand the bible now I just have to keep reading my spirit man is gaining more power

  4. It really is a short and sweet book, truly very inspiring and I am touched by your story too. I could easily relate to the book and the story of your life sounds and seems quite familiar to me too. I wanted to request you to pray for my wife.

  5. Glory to God and thanks for the inspiration may God continue to bless u that you might also give us a word of faith JESUS IS LORD Amen. No l

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